Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Instructions for use of this site

1 Look on the tabs above for your state
2 Search the state for the seeds you want
3 Search the state for requests for the seeds you have
4 Contact the individual offering the seeds and make arrangements
5 If you get the seeds you want or no longer have the seeds you listed, please remove your post

Seeds may be exchanged or gifted, but not sold. If someone asks you to pay for seeds on this site (or directs you to a site where you need to pay) please notify me.

Posts will be purged once a year (probably in January).

We rely on you to provide only seeds that have not been genetically modified. Seeds taken from a hybrid may contain gene modifications. Please be honest in the origins of your seeds, and if the commercial packet says GMO (or Genetically Modified) do NOT offer those seeds on this site. If you don't know the origin of your seeds, please say so.

If you wish to add a state to the list, add a comment below and I'll take care of it. There may be seed exchanges already established in your area.